Seminar in October 2015

Seminar in Vilnius, oktober 19. - 21. 2015




According to requests from participants at the May-seminar and board members of Vilniaus Viltis the agenda contained deeper and more thorough discussions on certain aspects of the Icelandic way. 


Hrefna 2 Crop


As before Vilniaus Viltis took care of the outer structure but the content (lectures, workshops etc.) was on the hands of As styrktarfelag.

The lecturers were Thora Thorarinsdottir CEO and Hrefna Sigurdardottir advisor.


The seminar´s agenda


Thora Crop

The first day was dedicated to internal structure, core values and the foundation of both organizations.

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On the second day the value of participation at home and in employment was the main issue. There was focus on various acts and the UN convention versus reality. Staff motivation, value of education and other aspects concerning staff was also discussed.


Ona Birute Crop

The final day was all about the possibility for persons with intellectual disabilities to lead a full life. What does independent living mean? Family life, chasing your dreams in the TV business, taking control over your physical weight and health etc. There was also an introduction on publication and projects done by As styrktarfelag.


Participants did some workshops every day of the seminar concerning the topic at hand.

This was the last of the three bigger events in the cooperation of Vilniaus Viltis and As styrktarfelag.  It is safe to say that this project has been one of mutual learning for both organizations. Getting to know the work and culture of our colleagues in Lithuania is of great value for us Icelanders. 

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