Seminar in May 2015

Seminar in Vilnius, May 11. – 13. 2015


The seminar was organized jointly by both organizations. Vilniaus Viltis took care of the outer structure and the content (lectures, workshops etc.) was on the hands of As styrktarfelag.


Most of the agenda was an introduction of As styrktarfelag and all its aspects of services and other work in the interests of people with intellectual disabilities.


The lecturers from Iceland where welcomed dearly by their Lithuanian colleagues. They went sightseeing to Trakai and Kernavé, had dinner with a Lithuanian family and visited some daycare centers, homes and a special school.


Trakai Vatn




The seminar’s agenda


The topic of the first day was to introduce As Styrktarfelag in historical context. Its history is closely connected to that of moving from institutions and building civil rights and services in the community for all Icelanders with disabilities. An emphasis was put on the parents/relatives role in this development, the importance of volunteer work and lobbyism.


Seminar Minni


Work and strategy was the topic of the second day. Recent changes in work and activity at As Styrktarfelag where introduced, how staff (with and without disabilities), relatives and other concerned parties took part in the process. Methods and other tools to use when working on strategy and various projects where introduced.


The third and final day was about various aspects concerning a person’s life circle. There where lectures on age-related things like early intervention, memory work for people with dementia, housing and self-determination, a very important part of the adult life. The matter of civil rights for everyone was also addressed, which is not the case for people living in institutions with the legal rights of patients. Finally the external structure, like acts and funding, was approached and how the Icelandic community works. What influence has a country’s culture on work and methods used with people with disabilities?


Participants in the seminar did some workshops in between lectures where they discussed what they could use of this material and how to adapt it to their system. 


As you can see the seminar covered much material but there is more to be done. 


Vilnius Center



The lecturers at the seminar in May where Thora Thorarinsdottir CEO, Hrefna Sigurdardottir advisor, Sigurbjorg Sverrisdottir director and Thorhildur Gardarsdottir employment and staff administrator.


Kernave Crop

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